Kōkako Specialist Group

Rotoehu Ecological Trust operates, like all kōkako conservation groups, under the guidance and support of the Kōkako Specialist Group (KSG). The KSG (formally known as the Kōkako Recovery Group) is a sub-branch of the Department of Conservation and is made up of DOC staff, kōkako researchers and long-standing kōkako volunteers. This group is responsible for managing the kōkako as a species, and their key management document, the Kōkako Management Folder, details the best practice for kōkako conservation and management activities. In particular they are concerned with managing the genetics of the population to ensure the presence of rare genes, and to prevent population bottlenecks.

Currently the Kōkako Specialist Group has three key goals for all kōkako conservation groups:

  • Increase each kōkako population to 500 birds;
  • Have 2,500 hectares under management; and
  • Diversify genetics of populations via translocations, egg-swaps, and connection via landscape corridors.


Kokako Recovery Advocacy Guide 2015

Kokako Recovery Plan 1999-2009

Kokako Management Folder