Upcoming workdays – Saturday 15th of October
Meet at the corner of Pukehangi and Rotoehu Roads at 9am. We will then proceed into the forest where tasks will be assigned before setting off to remove Pindone and Ratabate from bait stations

If you are able to attend the workday on Saturday 15th October, please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Please note we may move the workday to Sunday if the weather is not suitable.

RET will be providing

Workday – what to bring

  • sturdy clean footwear
  • long sleeves and pants (pest control requires full coverage)
  • change of clothes if you want to change prior to going home (especially if you have pets)
  • weatherproof clothing
  • water bottle snack food
  • refillable cup
  • day pack
  • enthusiasm

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