Our aim is to protect the native flora and fauna species by removing the threat caused by the pest species. As we learn more about this amazing area and the species that dwell there, we will continue to update these pages.

Rotoehu Forest (Pongakawa Ecological Area and Otari Block) and Rotoehu Forest West are home to the following species.

Native Birds

Kōkako, tūī, paradise shelduck, bellbird, whitehead, fantail, long-tailed cuckoo, rifleman, shining cuckoo, tomtit, kererū, North Island robin, kākā, ruru, silvereye and kārearea.

Our Native Mammals

Long-tailed bat, Short-tailed bat

Our Native Plants

Rimu, miro, tawa, puriri, clematis, koromiko, kohekohe, rewarewa, mahoe. tree ferns, kawakawa, rata, five finger, bush lawyer, supplejack.


The kōkako, a striking bird native to New Zealand, holds a significant place in the country’s cultural and ecological landscape. Renowned for its distinctive blue-grey plumage, vibrant wattles, and haunting melodies, the kōkako is an icon of New Zealand’s native birdlife. Its melodic calls echo through the forests, captivating both researchers and nature enthusiasts alike.

This unique species plays a crucial role in the health of New Zealand’s forests by dispersing seeds and contributing to forest regeneration. With its strong, curved beak adapted for foraging, the kōkako feeds on a diverse diet of fruits, insects, and nectar. Its presence in the canopy influences the structure and biodiversity of the forest ecosystem.

However, the kōkako faces numerous threats, including habitat loss, predation by introduced species such as rats, possums, and stoats, as well as competition for food and nesting sites. Conservation efforts led by organizations like the Department of Conservation and community groups like the Rotoehu Ecological Trust are vital for the survival of this iconic species. Through habitat restoration and predator control these initiatives aim to ensure the long-term viability of the kōkako population and preserve its unique place in New Zealand’s natural heritage.


Possum*, Wallaby, ship rat*, stoat*, ferret, weasel, feral cat*, deer and pigs.
* Can kill kokako and/or destroy their eggs.